Great Plains Conversation
Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe

It all began/started when five individuals in their 50’s pooled their considerable skills & experience to create innovative, world class conservation projects in diverse & threatened habitats throughout Africa.
Great Plains Conservation’s mission is to find the right formula of conservation, communities & commerce that would make a lasting, sustainable difference to the world’s iconic wildlife & wilderness.
100% Sustainable “Conservation Tourism”. We define it as the use of quality led tourism experiences that are environmentally sound, with the benefits going specifically into making the conservation of an area viable and sustainable.
The clients and the guests, who visit the camps, become a valued partner and agents of positive change.
The ‘perfect safari’ means something different to everyone.
For some it means stunning accommodation in a remote, private concession with as many wildlife-drives as you can fit into a day. For others it is being out on foot or in a canoe, active all day and totally disconnected from the world back home. For some it is capturing the perfect photograph of one of Africa’s iconic species, for others it means spotting every bird on our 111 Club or introducing their children to the bush for the first time with our Young Explorers Programme.
Whatever your interests or travel style there is a Great Plains Conservation experience perfect for you. Use the pages below to help guide and inspire you as you plan the trip of a life time.
Revel in the luxury of Great Plains Conservation Camps in Kenya, Botswana & Zimbabwe







The birthplace of African Safari, a perfect destination for unparalleled Game – Viewing, cultural interactions & unique activities. The lush Chyulu Hills with their stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro to the arid landscapes of Northern Kenya; all offer a tremendous diversity of landscapes. It is home to private safari camps in the Maasai Mara region with access to over 100,000 acres of some of Africa’s more prolific wildlife viewing across 03 private conservancies in addition to offering guests the ability of enjoying the splendors of the Maasai Mara Reserve itself.

A country of diverse beauty & outstanding wildlife, filled with an array of landscapes found nowhere else on earth & uniquely adapted flora & fauna. A country for travelers who value remoteness and exclusivity. With camps spread across almost 400,000 acres of private, conserved land, offering travelers unparalleled exclusive wildlife viewing access to these stunning and remote wilderness areas.

Located in the heart of Southern Africa, home to five UNESCO world Heritage sites, a vibrant country with dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife and all the fun activities and warm hospitality you could ask for on Safari. It boasts big game & diverse wildlife species, plentiful birdlife and highly professional guides. A more than perfect destination for active & adventurous travelers.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli
Rome, Italy

The Discreet & Intimate Luxury Villa Hotel Of Rome - Villa Spalletti Trivelli is unique among the historic residences, One of Rome's most charming boutique hotels, a member of "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" and "Traveller Made" it is located in one of the most elite neighborhoods, right across from the The Palazzo Quirinale, official home of the President, a top one of the original seven hills of Rome.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli affords its guests the tranquility of a countryside estate, while being only minutes away from the Trevi Fountain and other major city attractions.  

It was formerly the private home of the aristocratic family, now a historic luxury hotel with 100 years of culture & class, is ideal for the well-heeled avid traveler, and will redefine your perception of Rome!
With rooms overlooking the Presidential Palace gardens, a classic library, tranquil private gardens, a private rooftop with hot tubs and an open bar that overlooks the capital, your guests can call this colonial home their very own, during their next stay!


Martinhal Resorts
Sagres, Quinta, Chiado, Cascais

Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts in Portugal are designed with families in mind and offer a luxury holiday experience with high class family-friendly accommodation, restaurants and bars, kids and leisure services and much more.


They are an exclusive collection of luxury family-focused hotels & resorts located in Portugal's most elite neighborhoods in Lisbon, Cascais and the Algarve, offering you golf, beaches, the coastline, charming city-life, surf, sand and lots of sunshine. 

Internationally awarded and world renowned for their unique "Baby Concierge Service", they are the perfect choice for a stress-free holiday for the parents and a super fun and engaging holiday for the kids, where your kids are learning new things and making new friends, and for families to bond together.


Their unique "Baby Concierge Service" offers you everything you need for your baby from cots, prams, strollers, bottle warmers, toilet seats, sterilizers, right down to diapers, and a range of organic purees and mashes for infants, to full fledged kids menus for older kids. With high-chairs at every table, kids corners in every restaurant, kids clubs and play areas designed for children of all ages, they surely know how to keep their baby guests extremely happy. 

The idea behind this is to make it a stress free holiday.


 A quote from the Owner - Chitra Stern "Martinhal creates a luxury family travel experience where mums can actually have their cappuccino with the foam still on it".


Martinhal's signature Pyjama Club is the only in-house baby-sitting service one would find that keeps your kids safe & engaged within the property with an in-house team, while the parents can take an evening out to explore the capital city without a worry. 

Martinhal Resorts natural settings allow kids the luxury of massive Outdoor spaces where they can enjoy all their fun games & activities amidst nature, and Martinhal's "baby's firsts" holiday concept has won them several international awards for their - baby's first day out at the beach, first day out in the pool, first surf lesson, wherein you have trained Martinhal team members who specialize in making these experiences most memorable for the kids & families.


Martinhal Chiado


Martinhal Cascais 


Martinhal Sagres 


Martinhal Quinta 

“The World’s First City-Centre Elegant Family Hotel”, offering the perfect hotel for families right in the heart of Lisbon allowing you to enjoy the city as a family but also as a couple – while they look after your children!

Combining the Lisbon city experience with historic Sintra, scenic Guincho, and gorgeous Cascais, delivering an amazing holiday experience for the


Featuring a five-star hotel and a selection of spacious family homes, the essence of the resort is one understated luxury and genuine hospitality. Ideal for families of all ages to relax and unwind in a stunning beach front setting located on the unspoiled Western Algarve.

Located in the middle of one of the most premium golf destinations in Europe, Martinhal Quinta is the ideal hub to experience the award-winning golf courses that the Algarve is well-known for.