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- Consistent PR with luxury consumer print media, as well as online & social multimedia, and trade media.

- Ideating and executing Ad campaigns 

- Providing strategic inputs relating to media and brand building in India

- Leveraging relationships to promote our partners using befitting platforms & assets

- Drafting and disseminating market specific press releases

- Organizing media familiarization experiences Selection of media as per strategy, itinerary  planning based on readership and audience and accompanying depending on group size

- Organizing hosted celebrity visits & influencer visits for Social Media mileage 

- Providing media with story pegs and follow up for media coverage

Market Development as part of the organisation’s Growth Strategy must be supported with relevant online activity, to ensure your presence across digital platforms where the target consumer can be approached via community networks using appropriate Online Marketing & Social Media tools.

- Social Media Marketing

- Extremely targeted Online promotions

- Online PR

- Direct Marketing

- Affiliate Online Partnerships

- Interactive & Engaging Online Advertising

- Online Content creation, including short videos and whatsapp content

- Providing media updates on new products and offerings

- Providing press clippings generated from activities conducted, along with outreach & PR value statistics

- Database Management

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